A bot on your investment board


What you are looking for

  • An innovative technological solution.
  • Reduced risks and transaction costs.

What we do

  • Analyze a broad combinatorial approach to financial strategies.
  • Network a battery of algorithms.
  • Use artificial intelligence for optimal capital allocation.

What we offer

  • Great technological mastery support tailor-made solutions.
  • Unrivalled memory power and processing speed.
  • Full integration of our clients' investment objectives and regulations.
  • Measurable performance.

The overabundance of choice and minimization of regret

Developed by Fundo, the Cortex tool uses artificial intelligence to optimize capital allocation.

The Fundo capital gain

Fundo is a company active in the field of prediction. Current IT infrastructures allow very large-scale access to computational power at a reasonable cost. By feeding a battery of algorithms with a very large amount of financial data, integrating the binding criteria of investment strategies, Fundo's machinery exploits the robot's ability to learn and generate more effective asset allocation solutions.

From classic algorithms to machine learning

An algorithm is a set of instructions that, when systematically executed, results in a desirable result. The algorithms that make up computer software have made it possible to solve increasingly complex problems. The exponential power and speed of algorithms now allows machines to process data in a volume and time that humans cannot reproduce, to enter instructions to understand their meaning, and to generate their own algorithms to control increasingly complex situations - for example, facial recognition or language understanding.

Machine learning and asset allocation

The computing and analytical power of machines provides them with a capacity for learning and discovery that opens up almost unlimited opportunities for progress in many disciplines. Medical imaging is already an area where the discrimination power of machines is superior to the best human specialists. The evolution of the mechanization of learning shows that, from a phase where machines were learning from human beings, who supervised their work, a gradual shift led to machines learning without human supervision, and then allowing human beings to learn from machines.

Fundo has two strong convictions: technological progress must be useful to the human being; this principle also applies to finance. In this field, computational power offers extensive processing of strategies, as well as incomparable memory capacity and speed.

The advantages of the Fundo solution

By putting dozens of algorithms into competition with each other, fed by the performance of the financial strategies submitted to them, Fundo's algorithms organize the conditions for learning that will select strategies according to their remunerative potential. This iterative process integrates at each step the new information available and determines the respective weighting of the strategies, with the most desirable being given a high weight and the least desirable a weight close to zero.

Cortex is about introducing a robot with artificial intelligence onto your investment board.