Fundo earmarks a slice of revenues generated from managing the Finethic Microfinance sub-fund to charitable works. Its one-off support initiatives are undertaken either by Fundo directly or through the auspices of the Finethic Foundation.

Helping children

Donations made by Fundo or the Finethic Foundation are basically child-centred projects in both Switzerland and developing countries. The initiatives granted assistance are not necessarily located in those countries in receipt of loans from the microfinance institutions via the Finethic Microfinance sub-fund.

The funds donated can either be allocated to one-off initiatives or allocated according to a plan, generally over three years, in partnership with the organisation running the charitable project. One-off donations tend to be targeted at associations with strong links with Switzerland (head office or nationality of the founders). Donations staggered over a longer period of time are not necessarily bound by this link with Switzerland, but they are nonetheless carefully and regularly scrutinised.

Finethic foundation

The Finethic Foundation is a foundation set up under Swiss law and subject to supervision by the Swiss Federal Supervisory Board for Foundations in Berne.

charity projects that have been beneficiaries


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Child’s Dream

Friends International

Maison Chance

Reach Vietnam

Latin America

L’Association El Puente


Vivamos mejor

Near East

Association arcenciel



Association Arc-en-Ciel



Réseau des Entrepreneurs Solidaires