Pension funds show interest for microfinance
FUNDO: 100 months of consecutive positive ROI
More investments in real assets are needed
The Glorious Thirty of the 2nd pillar
We should not expect from future LPP indices performances such as those recorded in the past.
The winner is "risk controlled Portfoliomanagement"
If you manage Pension Funds portfolios by replicating Indices, your assets become highly volatile during stock markets crashes. In the last decade risk controlled portfolios have better performed than indexed portfolios.
A De-risking Toolkit for Impact Investment
This report seeks to clarify the risk factors most especially associated with impact investment and to provide a de-risking toolkit for mitigating them. Finethic is one of the case study.
Yves Claude Aubert joins Fundo as Board member
Unclear borders between activ and passiv management

Passive management is no more mere replication of capitalisation-weighted indices. It also explores new weighting alternatives and may contribute to a larger portfolio diversification.
Launch of Merchant Finance fund
Fundo announces the launch of the Merchant Finance sub-fund in conjunction with EuroFin Asia, a firm specialising in international trade financing. Integrated into Finethic SICAV-SIF, this sub-fund aims to deliver stable long-term yields for investors by being involved in the short-term financing of working capital for businesses active in the processing and transportation industries.
Fundo, FINMA authorized
Fundo SA has been approved by the FINMA, the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority, as Authorised asset manager of collective investments, pursuant to Articles 13 et seq. of the Collective Investment Schemes Act, CISA (LPCC).
Fundo, FINMA authorized
Fundo SA has been approved by the FINMA, the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority, as Authorised asset manager of collective investments, pursuant to Articles 13 et seq. of the Collective Investment Schemes Act, CISA (LPCC).
Management fees eating up returns
Too expensive or badly managed, the equity investment funds systematically underperfom the indices. Which solutions for the institutional investors ?
For a fairer pension scheme
Pension fund survey carried out by Finethic and Social Finance
The survey is the most comprehensive canvass of opinion leaders in the UK pension fund industry about their attitudes towards Impact Investment.
Blind trust in financial models are dangerous
Increasing interest rates will affect pension funds assets value
Partnership between Avadis and Fundo
Partnership between Avadis and Fundo. Avadis, a pioneering body, based at Baden, in the field of professional occupational pension provision, and Fundo, the Lausanne-based firm active in the sector of risk management for pension funds, are joining forces to promote a platform to pension-scheme operators in French-speaking Switzerland, enabling them to cut the cost of managing their financial assets.
First english investors into finethic
Less than 12 months after opening an office in London, Fundo has welcomed its first UK investors as subscribers to its Microfinance Fund.
Microfinance funds have shown a stable average yield of 4.2% since 2007
Microfinance funds have delivered a steady return averaging 4.2% a year since 2007. Since the financial crisis flared up, disparities in performance between the various Swiss investment vehicles have been widening, with Finethic standing out above the competition.
Finethic microfinance fund passed the 100 million mark
Total assets in the Finethic sub-fund have topped the CHF 100 million threshold for the first time. That amount confirms the existence of a growing number of pension funds looking for alternatives to fixed-income investments in a world of low interest rates and the risk of inflation staging a comeback.
Le Temps – Managing risk budget is essential for pension funds
Dynamically managing risk inherent in exposure to equities makes it feasible to improve the portfolio’s risk/return trade-off and boost confidence levels in the predictability of how it will perform.
Fundo opens a sales office in London
Paul Blyth is now in charge of the UK institutional market.
How can the pension funds profit from the financial market volatility
The approach devised by Fundo is geared towards managing a risk budget according to its flexible exposure to certain asset classes. If risks rise, the allocation is rebalanced and shifted towards the least volatile asset classes (bonds and cash). If risks fall, exposure to the riskiest asset classes, typically equities, will be increased so that the risk budget assigned to that particular portfolio can be used to its maximum extent.
Fundo moves to Lausanne
Fundo SA, prompted by mounting interest being shown by pension funds in its work and services, has decided to relocate to more spacious premises in Lausanne’s city centre. This move happens to coincide with the recruitment of new staff whose skills will complement those of the talented team already working for the company. Although Fundo is leaving EPFL, it will continue to keep a close and interested eye on work being undertaken at EPFL in scientific and financial fields.
Launch of solvenswiss
Fundo has developed an instrument to help test out the solvency of pension funds. Its purpose: avoiding any bias creeping into assessments of pension fund institutions.
Finethic, how to combine institutional investments and support to children
Finethic has contributed to financing 70’000 micro-businesses within 24 emerging countries
Fundo selected by kgast
Fundo has been selected by KGAST (Association of Investment Foundation Administrators) to undertake quarterly comparisons of all products of investment foundations of its association members.
Fundo opens a sales office in Zurich
Jean-Luc Gerard is now in charge of the Swiss German institutional market.