The funds referred to in the Website have not been approved by the Swiss Financial Market Supervision Authority (Finma) pursuant to the Swiss Collective Investment Schemes Act of 23 June 2006 (CISA) and its implementing regulations. Therefore, these funds may only be distributed to qualified investors, such as defined in provision 10 § 3 of the CISA and in the Ordinance of 22 November 2006 on Collective Investment of Capital and may only be distributed in Switzerland or from Switzerland.

The information and the document relative to these funds do not constitute a public offer and can only be used by qualified investors as described above. They are strictly confidential and cannot be disseminated to any other person without Fundo’s prior consent.

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The funds described in the Website can be subject to sales restrictions in some countries. It is therefore up to each investor to check what are these restrictions and if they apply to them.

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So all pension funds can be provided with access to its management techniques, Fundo has devised a range of investment funds, incorporated under either Swiss or Luxembourg law.

Types of product

Fundo’s palette of funds comprises two categories of product. The first, eligible to qualified investors even for quite small amounts, is focused on the Risk-Driven Investments approach aimed at controlling portfolios’ exposure to risk. The second, geared towards the Cash-Flow-Driven Investments approach, encompasses several sub-funds forming part of the Finethic Luxembourg-based SICAV-SIF. This aims to generate returns and stable income yields for investors.

Table of investment funds

Date Funds Class Start ISIN code Currency NAV Perf. YTD PDF
31.12.18 Fundo VLPP Z1 06.03.15 CH0209491924 CHF 104.76 -4.20%  
31.12.18 Fundo Equity Switzerland 0-100 FIT S1 03.09.18 CH0422345055 CHF 99.20  
31.12.18 Finethic Microfinance C1 12.10.06 LU0262965956 USD 1,628.61 4.01%  
31.12.18 Finethic Microfinance (hedged in CHF) C3 30.04.10 LU0504540880 CHF 1,299.45 0.68%  
31.12.18 Finethic Microfinance (hedged in GBP) C6 30.04.12 LU0740790083 GBP 972.61 2.32%  
31.12.18 Finethic Microfinance (distribution) D1 30.09.14 LU1107642198 USD 0.00 3.68%  
31.12.18 Finethic Microfinance II C1 31.03.16 LU1386672601 USD 1,074.81 2.56%  
31.12.18 Finethic Microfinance II (hedged in CHF) C4 29.04.16 LU1386672866 CHF 1,000.00 -0.74%  
31.12.18 Finethic Microfinance II (distribution) D4 30.09.16 LU1386673245 CHF 992.33 -0.72%  
30.11.18 Finethic Merchant Finance C1 01.03.13 LU0890818742 USD 1,196.81 3.73%  


Date Funds Class Start ISIN code Currency NAV Perf. YTD PDF
16.01.19 Fundo Equity Switzerland FIT Certificate 15.08.17 CH0372873882 CHF 84.54  

Table of investment projects

Date Funds Class Start ISIN code Currency NAV Perf. YTD PDF
30.11.18 Fundo Equity World FIT 31.12.03 PRO FORMA CHF 2,777.07 -0.74%  
30.11.18 Finethic Merchant Finance (hedged in CHF) C1 01.03.13 PRO FORMA CHF 1,090.30 0.80%  
30.11.18 Finethic Merchant Finance (hedged in EUR) C1 01.03.13 PRO FORMA EUR 1,121.51 1.18%  
30.11.18 Finethic Merchant Finance (hedged in GBP) C1 01.03.13 PRO FORMA GBP 1,168.86 2.21%